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Originally Posted by The Lovemaster
A little OT, but I came across a few interesting cases while sorting my range brass recently. They are marked with the Roman numeral "VIII", which I assume means 8mm, at twelve o'clock, "19" at 9:00 and "38" at 3:00, which I assume is the year, and they have the Third Reich wing and swastika at 6:00. The quandrants are separated by lines.
My psychic powers tell me that these cases are rimmed, have a slight taper, and are approximately 56mm in length.

How'm I doin' so far?

Wartime berdan-primed 8x56mmR for a Steyr-Mannlicher. Before Graf's started selling new-production reloadable ammunition, it was worth saving the Jerry stuff to try and reload it. Now? Unless you have some antique brass collecting fetish, I'd just toss it.
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