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Originally Posted by MikeIrwin
I don't recall our Constitution being written in a manner conducive to helping a foreign nation control its criminal elements when, in fact, they have never been able to do so.
But it's not not written to say that, either! Durr! Wait, what?

It's an interesting justification that they might be invoking to circumvent the domestic constraints on their power. Perhaps a shared international policy, treaty or [tinfoil hat] new continental order would make gun bans more reasonable. While the supremacy clause has been interpreted in a couple court cases to preclude treaties eroding constitutional protections, it could still be an attempt to hide the ball and come up with new justifications. It's not impossible to thwart precedent with a couple new tricks and aggressive wordsmithing.

A long shot, for sure. But I can't see why else they would harp on this, as I have trouble believing it's really an issue that deserves any airtime in terms of its scale in comparison to all the crime in Mexico, and in view of our pressind domestic issues.
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