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Despite the new administration's pre-election pledges to the contrary, Attorney General Holder has confirmed law-abiding firearms owners' worst fears and has stated that President Obama will seek a new so-called "assault weapons" ban (AWB). (

As Governor of Virginia you were a friend of the law-abiding firearms owner -- I urge you not to abandon gunowners nationwide and do everything you can to block this new legislative boondogle when it is introduced.

As you know, such laws only serve to impact the rights of those who are law-abiding in the first place. Not even the Federal Bureau of Investigation could find any evidence that President Clinton's 1994 AWB did the slightest thing to make Americans safer by reducing crime.

Now we're being told that not only would a new AWB make American safer, it would also help make Mexico safer by supposedly interdicting the supply of firearms to that nation's drug cartels. Since when is Mexico's inability to control its own internal crime problems a recipe for Americans to surrender even more of their Second Amendment rights?

Again, I urge you to do everything that you can to prevent this bill from ever becoming law.

VERY well put, Mike. I hope you didn't copyright it. A Missouri rep and 2 senators just got the same letter. (different name of course). You know what they say: "Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery"
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