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The media drives the public to this with their misinformation, and propaganda. This is where the battle must be fought, as well as in the congress. If gun rights activist were to send not one, but TWO letters, it would be exponentially more effective.

The first letter should go to you representatives in congress, and the second to any SPONSOR of any network running the propaganda. Let the SPONSORS know that their financial support of anti-constitutional propaganda comes with a a heavy price. Tell them that you will boycott any service or product that their corporations or any of their underlings produce or provide.

Corporations are responsible to their stockholders, legally, and otherwise. Using corporate funds to promote their political agendas should not be tolerated. I guarantee that if a sponsor KNEW they would be the subject of scorn by a significant portion of the population, they would think twice about forking over millions for network sponsorship.

We have to hit them where it hurts.

And we need both a carrot and a stick. I just described the stick. The carrot could be: if you hear a network run a story or documentary favorable to our cause, send an email to their sponsor explaining that you appreciate their sponsorship, and that it will positively impact your future buying decisions.

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