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Vintage Rifle Match

Hey Chris,
You were in the right place! The Vintage Rifle Match is at the Dietz - Central Texas Silhouette Range; drive on past the Dietz shop and parking lot, and take the left fork onto a dirt road (if you go straight on the pavement, it goes to that ranch entrance gate). There is a sign with a sheep silhouette pointing the way. On the hilly and curvy dirt road, follow it past the NB Police range, and enter an open rusty red gate, and you are in the Central Texas Silhouette Range. The South Texas Marksmanship Training Center (formerly the San Antonio Rifle Club) hosts a high power match there on the third Sunday of every month. Once a quarter, it is a John C. Garand Match, and that's coming up in March (unfortunately I have a conflict that weekend); any US .30-06 military rifle is welcome, including Krags, Springfields, and M1917. Ammo is provided. We have even had a Johnson and a BAR show up. The Vintage match is in April (3rd Sunday). For any of these matches, shooters should arrive around 8AM for target setup, and the first rounds down-range are around 9AM; ...sighting shots allowed. With about 12 firing points, it is common to have two relays. All matches are fired at 200 yards, with NRA/CMP reduced targets to simulate longer distances when needed. All matches include the standard National Match Course of Fire or variations of it, and, except for Garand matches, the 3-position sequence is optional. Some guys even use bipods, benches, and rifle scopes; some shoot all prone. The Vintage match will probably bring out some Mausers and Mosin-Nagants, maybe even an Enfield and Schmidt-Rubin or two, although the majority are typically US rifles. Hope to see you there soon.

BTW: Same organization (STMTC) also hosts Smallbore (.22) matches on the second Saturday of each month at Blackhawk, south of San Antonio.

- Philip
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