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FWIW, the BATFE NLC responded to my email monday morning, and said that they had mailed my amended FFL03 on DEC 11th, and since I didnt get it, they will promptly mail another one to me. I'm happy they didnt loose the form, and I dont have to resubmit and wait, and that they are sending one out, but it creeps me out a little wondering what happened to the one they sent out (IE: what stranger may have an unsigned copy of my license.I know that it's unlikely it could be of use to anyone, but still creepy).Of course, thats assuming it ACTUALLY got sent out, as opposed to marked as sent, or supposed to be sent, but never really was (seems a real possibility).

Also, they didnt give me the new mailing address for the Licensing Center (if I'm even right, and there IS a new one.), so I dont have it to include for others like I was hoping. sorry.
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