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It is not the part about the concealed carry that bothers is the idea of Alaskans being able to travel into my state. Something needs to be done about that. Property values have dropped enough already.
Actually, Wild, move on over there. Housing market on the east and west coasts had an astounding inflation in prices to begin with. You Alaskans can knock 'em down to the level they should have been in the first place. Then, I could actually afford to keep my career and enjoy the mountains again. Nothing like Colorado getting Californicated....

I worry more about the smaller, hidden amendments crammed into a bill at midnight in some "smoke filled room". Remember all the posts about anti elements in the "stimulus" bill. They didn't pan out, but it certainly could have happened as large as that pile of paper was and as quickly as it was shoved through.
Rantingredneck mirrors my concern. (Is this political? I'm stopping before I say something wrong and get banned....)
If it were up to me, the word "got" would be deleted from the English language.

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