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8mm Ammo, Rifles

I have about 5k rounds of WW2 German 8mm, including 6 or 7 battle carrier boxes (with the cotton ribbon carrying handle), 2k of Romanian in spam cans, 1k of Yugo milsurp, a couple hundred WW2 FN, and more assorted 8mm milsurp in smaller quantities. To shoot all this, I have a Yugo-reworked K98k, a Mitchell's Mauser K98K (I know, ...Boo - Hissss), a 1916 Amberg Gew98, Yugo 24/47, Persian M29, Czech M22, 195? Hakim, and probably a couple more I can't think of right now. Yep, the 8mm is a shoulder thumper, but what a manly system!
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