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In that bag of goodies should be the solvent/oil can, bolt take down tool with firing pin protrusion gauge, crown cap, cleaning jag, punch/rod handle, dog collar sling, double clip pouch, and bayonet.
FWIW the only one of these items that you really need is the bolt takedown tool aka multi-tool; it's the teardrop-shaped doodad with 4 notches cut in one side. It's needed to check the firing pin protrusion by centering the bolt head in one of the middle two notches. One notch is minimum depth, which the firing pin should touch, and the other notch is maximum depth, which the firing pin should not touch. One of the outer notches doubles as a firing pin wrench for making adjustments, and the pointy end of the teardrop is a screwdriver.

This tool and a block of hardwood are the only tools you really need to fieldstrip the rifle and bolt, although I prefer to use proper screwdrivers for disassembly because the multi-tool screwdriver doesn't fit perfectly in any particular screw on the gun. Instead it fits all of them badly. Evidently the Soviets didn't care if their troops buggered up the screws on their rifles.

FWIW if you're wondering how troops were supposed to use the funny-looking cleaning jag, it's meant to have a loop of hemp or sisal twine threaded through the hole and then wrapped around the jag.
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