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Wild, that's been my take for a while. Not that there's a lack of desire by some or bills waiting in committee if there's an opportunity, but there's just no practical way of getting it done. I just don't think the Dems would close ranks behind a gun control bill- some Republicans would join the anti gun Dems, but they just wouldn't get it through.

Back in 1994 folks weren't paying enough attention and were worrying about worse. Things have changed- we have over a decade of gun control being rolled back in the vast majority of our nation. We're paying CLOSE attention to the process. Even liberals are seeing why gun control is a bad idea- not just a losing issue, but a bad idea. Even Harry Reid doesn't want a new AWB (and voted against extending the last one).

I don't think we can relax our vigilance, but I do think we can take off the tin foil.
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