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I'm very impressed with your 'evidence' Mr. Milton... "a guy I know who's a cop", the local paper, and a Marcinko book. The only reason he's allowed to write anything about his time in the seals is that it's all hyperbole and reflection... any of the details are classified. Don't worry though, the rest of us who have been in the military and understand how ammo dumps and armories work (mr cz&px4) will straighten out the mess that you have left for people who are just looking for good information about ammunition. Please note that this thread is intended to discuss .40 S&W ammo, not the merits of the .40 caliber weapon.

Of course you might remember in 1986 there was a little throwdown in Miami in which an expertly trained bad guy took 12 hits from 9mm and .357 rounds, all over his body, while taking out 7 FBI agents(2 dead, 5 incapacitated). Check it out:

All in all, it coomes down to the shooter being able to land a killing shot: a .25 ACP in the ear canal or eyeball is easily as effective as a .44 magnum anywhere.
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