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I said "DUTY" as in LEGAL DUTY. As far as SHOULD an individual get involved, of course.
Right. It doesn't seem that this employee had any duty, in that sense, to get involved at all. Like Keltyke said,

Unless "maintain order" is in the Employee Manual, breaking up domestic fights is clearly not part of a McDonald's employee's job description.
I don't think I can blame the insurance company for resisting this one. And I'm kind of mad at Fox News for trying to manipulate public opinion into a lather of fury at McDonalds to shame them into footing the hospital bill. I do hope though that McDonalds does make a substantial contribution to a private collection being taken up for him. He might have acted thoughtlessly, but he meant well, and shouldn't have his life ruined over this.

Please keep us posted, all, as the story develops. I'm still interested in hearing the shooter's story.
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