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I just saw this reported on Fox News. The anchor insisted repeatedly on the heroics of the employee, and launched a very angry attack at McDonalds. She holds them entirely responsible for any failure to see the employee compensated. "I am angry," she said. "This is a disgrace."

I wonder what all this does for the public perception of guns? I like The Great Mahoo's comments:

An employee has no business to attack someone for any reason (again, my interpretation) and has now become the agressor by doing so. ...

Frankly, if the employee did initate the attack against the boyfriend, the boyfriend could verywell have been acting in self defense in shooting the employee.
I'm guessing the boyfriend saw himself as the victim of an assault. I wonder if his gun was legal? I wonder where the law will stand on this if/when he is arrested? Of course, he's a BG for beating on his girlfriend. But that doesn't mean that the discussion is over in respect to his use of a firearm.
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