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Wilson Combat ADP 9mm range mini-test

I took the opportunity today to test fire my new Wilson Combat ADP 9mm and offer these observations: I oiled, prepped and worked the pistol slide well before the test; Total rounds fired: 58 (out of the 6 10-rd. mags [ejected two after jams]; I was prepared to fire 100 rounds but I forgot to take a target marker so I settled for 60 instead); at 35 yds looking into the sun I missed the target entirely eight times due to needing more practice! the first 20 were low so I adjusted my aim and lifted my grouping to center; I had one jam in the second mag and one jam in the third. Jams, they happen, the lack of jams after the second one was reassuring; no other problems or complaints except the difficulty loading mags to capacity due to the stiffness of the factory mags, the springs were tighter than.. (sorry guys, I don't want to offend any ladies who may be reading); I'll be loading the mags very seldom after my next test is complete. Overall I was very pleased with the weapon test and will work on my accuracy at closer range with the next 50-100 rds. after thorough cleaning and inspection. Maybe I got one of the good ones, but I won't put my full trust in this as my primary until I put it to another test. More about the next test within 10 days. I'll do much more thorough research before purchasing next time.
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