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I try to gleen hints of information from several reference pages in order to try to speculate which outfit any initials or markings might represent.
These pages include:

Gunsmiths in Italy 1945-1980:

Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers:

Marchi commerciali USA - Trade names of pistols and guns:

Codes from the National Crime and Information Center (NCIC) 2000 standard:

Assuming that the marks are Italian, my guess is that PR may represent either "PATRO di Palama Roberto - Verdello 1976" or "Pierino Ruschetta"

DOM shows up as "Dorman" on the NCIC list, but the information for Dorman's country of origin on the brands page is completely blank [ "Dorman - "].
So COM and DOM is still wide open for speculation. Just because NCIC assigns initials to a company doesn't mean that another individual or company couldn't have used the same initials.
For instance, one gunsmith's name ending with "M" that may correspond to COM is:

Cosimo Mezzolla - Sava (Taranto) 1969

However the origin of MOFRA seems to be very definitive on the Italian gunsmith page:

MOFRA di Mainardi A. - Brescia 1971

If there's a need to translate something on these pages from Italian to English, I use the free translation website at
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