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I had a guy on another forum give me the measurements of his pin, but his was a two piece unit, maybe original maybe not he didn't know. Like that drawing on the website I originally posted, mine I think was supposed to have that "head" piece. Not sure what the significance of it was though, since my pin does stay in its space under tension of the spring and the pin is locked in place by a set pin in the slide assembly. But it seems to me that it was at one time a one piece unit that could only be inserted into its position via a plug on the rear of the slide assembly. Real pain to get out that way, hence someone came up with the 2-piece pin the other guy had on his?

Looking again at the picture on the vestpocket webpage, maybe the only thing that "head" on the firing pin did was to seal the passage after the pin was installed, with the set pin holding the firing pin in place? So from back to front it would be: the head of the FP, FP held in place by a set pin, then the spring.

Does that make any sense or am I missing something in how this mechanism is supposed to work?

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