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Wilson ADP - am I a sucker for purchasing?

I am aghast at the comments on this and other boards about the WC 9mm ADP I just purchased, but I'm not surprised. The guys behind the desk at Outdoor World highly recommended the brand and sold me the pistol without me taking the opportunity to do the research - my bad! Now I'm afraid to fire it. Since there's an all-sales-final policy I'll just cut my losses and carry it as a backup to my Ruger P94 until I find a conceal carry pistol with better press and better reputation. Should I need to use it as a backup, I'll just fire it until the slide flies toward my foe. If he is still standing I'll just have to chuck it at the foe and hope my throwing arm is still as good as it was in high school. Buyers' remorse! I'll be more careful next time and will remember that salespeople are not to be trusted, as all are in the business of separating my hard-earned without a second thought to my best interests. Thanks all for the lesson - some lessons are best learned the hard way!
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