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The Memphis "Commerical Appeal" newspaper just did the same thing, though they scrubbed the addresses of the permit holders.

One thing these nitwit "journalists" forget is that there are people out there with CCW's who don't want to be found out. People such as victims of domestic violence or those who have testified against hard-core criminal elements in the past.

It's tough enough to be forced to move to another city or another state to avoid life-threatening violence. It's even worse when the media exhibits callous disregard for your safety by publishing your name (and in some cases, address). I wonder how many people will attempt to sue these newspapers for the cost of moving (yet again).

Editors like it when their reporters jam up to some Politico and ask "did you know the risks when you made the decision and when did you know it?" But when it comes to journalists and Editors... ethics is something others should have.
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