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Importing ammo is a double edged sword.

Face it people, the days of cheap bulk ammo from outside the US are coming to a close. For several reasons. One reason is the anti-gun movement, both in the US, and in the UN. Another reason is simple economics.

For several years now, factions in the UN have been working hard to "reduce the worldwide traffic in small arms". And that includes ammo. Nations that used to sell their old surpluses on the open market (and means to us, as we are the largest non-govermental consumers), are not do that anymore. The are destroying the ammo, and getting brownie points (and some concessions) from the UN for doing so. So all you guys who bought Soviet caliber guns because the ammo was dirt cheap, get ready for sitcker shock. It has already started.

Ammo makers in former communist countries had been selling to us, again, because we are the worlds biggest comsumers. But the economic situation might be leading to import restictions, and tariffs, as a means of reducing the loss of US dollars to overseas nations.

And of course, the anti gun people are more than happy any time they can do, or influence anything that makes our hobby more expensive, and more difficult to enjoy.

The administration can do huge amounts of things without the need for Congressional approval. Import restictions is just one of them. Anybody remember when the first Bush banned import of "semiautomatic assault rifles" by executive order? I do.
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