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Best IDPA Gun - SSP?

This could take a while!

Glock 19. Tricked out, below.

Standard 5 lb (2 kilo) trigger, the ones on the latest Glocks are clean and crisp, same for your carry G19.

TruGlow sights, all green dots. Best night sights around, like superimposed search lights in sunlight.

Glock factory slide lock lever, (no extended magazine release!) use it to close slide on lock back reload always. (Dave from Glock does)

BACK STRAP CHANNEL INSERT (not a butt plug!)

It's made by Scherer, and it's called a "Slug Plug". They are available from Brownell's for $5 each. Specify 1st class shipping (3.50) otherwise, they'll charge you $7.50 UPS. Buy more than one, why not?
This item gives you an extra 1/2" target to hit on magazine changes at the rear of the mag well. Looks good too!

The G19 stops better than a G34 on lateral swings. Clears the holster sooner, all in all faster presentation.

Two small strips of skate board tape, 1/4"X1.1/2" to be placed in an upright position on the two plain strips to the right and left of the checkering on the rear of the grip area. Stops the hand right there on a draw, no slippage.

Unlimited funds? Buy two, black one for carry, Green one for matches, buy a Wilderness Store, Safe Packer (pouch to keep a pistol in) arrive at range, unloaded match pistol out, loaded carry pistol and spare magazine in. No muss no fuss. No clicking no clacking (no unintended bangs!!)

Ammo (you did say unlimited funds?) 147g hollow points from Atlanta arms.

Told you it would take a while.

Keep Safe.
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