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Swiss sig, All the above sound like good suggestions. First, are you sure this is the pistol for you? It sounds like it is too small for your hand. I also have "larger" than normal hands. (XXL gloves are tight) I shoot a Colt mdl. 70 .45 automatic, with a large main spring housing, beaver tail and adjustable length trigger. This allows me to fit my trigger finger so just the center of the pad is on the face of the trigger. Second, the trigger travel on the Colt is adjustable, so there is no long squeeze distance before the round goes off. Last, are you shooting with both hands? Have you tried shooting with just one hand? Concentrate on sight picture and trigger control. Each round that goes off should be a surprise. Try three round groups on the BACK (blank) side of a target. Just aiming for the center of the paper. See if your group moves back to the center. As far as your left eye goes, have you tried an eye patch? It might get you used to ignoring the view from the left eye when you are shooting. Hope this helps. MG

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