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I recently had to stay away from work, thanks to riots in Oakland. Seems a Bart cop got a black kid on the ground, at the Fruitvale Bart Station, and shot him in the back. The kid was asking at the time that the officer didn't tazer him. He died.

My work was in close proximity to both the areas with the riots, people running around burning stuff, and throwing rocks, destroying cars, and wrecking stores. Cops didn't catch them, only tried to contain.

If you check in another thread, the US Congress is now trying to ban imported firearms, with the excuse that we are the cause of the flow into Mexico.

The truth is, we now have an oligarchy, and, we are going to end up just like the British are now, without the right to bear arms.

It's clear that our Congress no longer cares about our security, in our house or otherwise.

As to organized violence, all you have to do is look across the border. Tijuana and the border towns are rampant with crime, directed at American tourists, robbing and murdering, and organized kidnapping. It might seem strange, but, the police ARE the problem there, since they are the armed robbers, and, they are using their position to help the influx of drugs and illegals into the US.
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