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Originally Posted by Socrates
One thing that is abundantly clear is we cannot protect ourselves from terrorist groups without being similarly armed. No police force can even protect us in such situations as the L.A. riots, how are they going to protect us against an organized terrorist group?
Is that sort of threat realistic here in the USA? Are bands of terrorists and gangs launching wholesale attacks against law-abiding citizens backed by FA and rocket launchers/mortars? I do see that in Iraq and other third world countries where the rule of law is weak or non-existent, but here? Maybe I missed it on the news but if we say we need all military weapons necessary to counter a threat, shouldn't that threat be real or reasonably plausible and not just within the realm of improbable possibility? If not, shouldn't we be developing phasers for the coming martian invasion?

BTW, in the LA riot scenario you mention I would feel perfectly well-armed with any number of hunting rifles available to me without NFA restrictions. My understanding of looters and rioters and such is that once they hear and see the gunfire coming at them they skeedaddle! And it doesn't take a M2 to make that happen.

Originally Posted by longrifles, Inc
What is the catalyst that will get us all to rally around the cause? What will drive us all to act and get these ridiculous laws reformed?
Very good question and the ultimate answer to this debate. Maybe if what Socrates says comes true (bedlam in the streets) enough people will agitate for military weapons. I wouldn't hold my breath though.
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