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Thus, the semiauto AR-ish bright line. Note this is accepting that 'rights' are subject to limitations. We accept such on other rights. The right to publish kiddie -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- made with real kids is not accepted, etc. If you are absolutist on the word 'arms' - then Colt should sell anthrax sprayers at the gun show?

You have limits or you don't.
with regards to anthrax and/or wmd, no i dont believe civilians need access, but they arent what i consider firearms...even if they were propelled out of the barrel of a gun that is currently available. biological and or nuclear weapons are not what i consider firearms.
i also generally consider a rifle or shotgun to be adequate, i dont feel particularily threatened or fear an assault by multiple criminals with FA weapons. if i thought the threat was credible, i might change that. that is based on me and my surroundings, not sure i can apply that to others in different circumstances, with different opinions on the matter.
do i have limits or not? i think a somewhat controlled access with recordkeeping, under the system in place currently that seems to be working, is my limit. but i think newly manufactured weapons would fit into the same system nicely.
firearms, not wmd or biological, is my limit.
The uncomfortable question common to all who have had revolutionary changes imposed on them: are we now to accept what was done to us just because it was done?
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