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Longrifles, I am not personally invested in the full-auto issue (I just do not find them interesting), but I have a more visceral reaction to taxing or prohibiting sound suppression units. Hearing loss is a real danger; shouldn't a safety nanny mandate that all new arms be sold with a safety lock AND suppressor?
So there's no misunderstanding. I have no interest in FA firearms beyond my job requirements here in "Gaghdad". Once I get home from this toilet my sincerest hopes are that I never have to work on one again. They are heavy, hot, smelly, oily, and loud. Kind of like the women that tend to lurk in every small town dive.

I find long legged bolt guns much more interesting.

Be that as it may there are those who are drawn to the idea of slinging as much lead as possible and God bless em for feeling that way. I am in no position to judge and I firmly believe it is an individual right that should not be regulated to the extent that it is.

If you insist on background checks ok fine. I can see where there is some benefit to the general public in doing so. However being at the mercy of the local sheriffs good nature is crap. A guy I work with here in Baghdad is dealing with that right now. Never committed a crime in his life yet the sheriff in his home town back in NC won't sign his papers for the short barreled M-4 that he's buying. He's trustworthy enough to carry a sec clearance here and guard the US Embassy in the most dangerous city on earth but he can't own an M-4 with a 10" barrel???

That my friends is bull****.

Here's the parts that really fry my ass:

Banned sales of newly manufactured FA guns to the general public.
Being forced to relent to compliance inspections
Being a felon if a rifle is less than a specified length yet I can buy/own a pistol that will fit inside a belt buckle. (-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- is up with that?)

The million dollar question:

What is the catalyst that will get us all to rally around the cause? What will drive us all to act and get these ridiculous laws reformed? I wish like hell I knew. Maybe if we all took Viagra right before we went to the range or something. I don't know, but I wish I did.

Six years in the Marines defending the Constitution. This is NOT what I had in mind when I did it.
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