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When you consider who was in power when all these bans on full auto where put in place, FDR, and, considering the actions similar to what has just happened, with a Demo Congress, and, a Socialist leaning president, who seems to be taking lessons from Clinton and FDR, it perhaps proper to redress this issue.

Given the makeup, and the actions taken by the same group in the FDR and Clinton administrations, we are likely to see all kinds of attacks with one goal, take away the people's right to bear arms, and protect themselves, and, to protect Congress from the backlash of giving 800 Billion dollars to a bunch of their rich friends.

This is the first step to allow the government to take everything, which, in the current bank bail out is the real potential danger, government ownership of banks, property, etc.

One thing that is abundantly clear is we cannot protect ourselves from terrorist groups without being similarly armed. No police force can even protect us in such situations as the L.A. riots, how are they going to protect us against an organized terrorist group?

The absurd notion that a police force is capable of dealing with even the current gangs we have, armed as they are, and their sheer numbers is likewise absurd. What did the L.A. police and fire do when confronted with this situation?
They pulled out, and 'protected and served' their tails, right out of the fight.

I think the current huge run on firearms and ammunition is in anticipation of a situation much like the times the FA ban was put in place. In other words, a time when we lost incredible freedoms, and, the Constitution was erroded, as FDR expanded the Federal government to a point far beyond anything the founders imagined. We still suffer from those agencies, and policies, and, it will continue, and get worse.

I suspect, from the ammo and gun sales of record amounts, that I am not the only person that feels that that will happen, nor the only one that thinks firearms are the only way to protect ones self from such events.
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