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Probably a reach, but.... Beretta Neos help

Got a Beretta Neos, awesome little plinker for the bucks. Spent a few hours at the range last nite sighting in a red dot....sure it only took about ten or twenty rounds to do it but had to put another 800 through it just to be sure.

Somewhere during the process I lost the rear sight windage screw, loosened up and popped out I would guess. Noticed it when I was cleaning it last nite.
Now, I don't necessarily NEED that screw since I am not using the sights but it bugs me anyway and I WANT it. Trying calling Beretta a few times already today and just can't be hanging on hold forever.... So finally, to the question.
Does anybody know what size screw that it is? I have an industrial supply Ace hardware near me, they have yet to let me down on anything I can throw at them. Problem is, I can't take the gun to the store, don't even want to take parts of the gun to the store. Anybody got a spare? I figured I would just put a little nail polish on it and thread it in to keep it from bouncing around. Really don't want to pull the red dot off the rail to just remove the whole assembly.... might lose my zero and then I would have to start all over again!
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