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To the OP: 180g HST seems to be this years king of the dog pile as far as SD ammo goes. Check either or to find some. Now, for something completely different...

Ok, I'll throw my hat into this weeks #1 top stupid conversation.

I know someone who took a 7.62x39 to the head and not only lived, but is perfectly fine/normal and went on to father a son (me). I guess the 7.62x39 really doesn't work well against people?

Here's a pretty good rule of thumb to follow.

Handguns suck for use against people, it's something to think about. I know of ZERO people who have experience shooting at real live human beings who would choose a handgun over a rifle or shotgun if they knew they were going to have to shoot someone. So all this talk of the SEAL's use this or that is ridiculous. NONE OF US ARE SEALS! You're talking about what an expert uses, not because of the gun's capability, but because of the expert's ability to deliver fast accurate fire with it. Mossad Agents used .22's quite extensively for their wet-work, does that mean we should all feel warm and fuzzy carrying .22's just because they use it? No. If you decide to carry a .22 it better be because that's what you're most capable/comfortable with. On top of all that...

ANY round can fail. There are people who have survived .50 BMG hits. Heck, I've seen FLIR video of 30mm being used against insurgents, and the Apache gunner had to finish one of them off with a 2nd burst. I guess the conclusion I should draw from this is that the depleted uranium round those things fire aren't an effective man-stopper? They work great against ARMORED VEHICLES but for people we better get something bigger.

We all need to grow up, seriously. Some of us for saying REALLY stupid things, and others for feeding into said stupid things (me included).

Also, anyone willing to make decisions based off of one reported instance, good or bad, is not practicing good decision making abilities. It's about as smart as trying to win an argument on an internet forum.
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