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Right. I never said they didn't carry the 9mm. I always said they carried the 9mm. What I'm saying is that they carry the 9mm, and in limited cases a .45 ACP because those cartridges are standardized by the military, not because they tested a bunch of rounds and said "9mm is king."

It works like this - in the late 70s, early 80s, the military says "we need to replace all these 50 year old 1911s we have", so they have trials for a new gun. Before they have those trials, they say "the gun has to be a 9mm, because that's what everyone in NATO is using". So the only guns submitted to the pistol trials were chambered in 9mm, out of you end up with the M9, M10, and M11. All of them 9mms. The SEALs say something roughly to the extent of "We don't want these Berettas", so they pick the Sig. In 9mm. The caliber of the firearm was never a choice - the people with stars on their shoulders decided that 9mm would be the service caliber, and that .45 would remain as an "approved" round.

To repeat myself - I never said SEALs don't use the 9mm. In fact, I said that their standard issue sidearm is a 9mm. What I'm saying is that they didn't the 9mm over another a cartridge, they picked one 9mm handgun (the Sig) over another 9mm handgun (the Beretta).
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