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I have to go with what everyone else is saying.
I made a very good living from gunsmithing sent my kids to collage without student aid, and since retiring I have traveled to 22 states.
There are ways to get tuition assistance from the states and the feds. their are many programs that can help. I work part time for Taogart as a gunsmith apprenticeship coordinator and we get funding for apprentices to attend school for machine training, business classes, and related study for most of them either free or at reduced cost. We have even had the state buy tools for some of the apprentices. Most of the apprentices can't attend a brick and mortar school for one reason or another so apprenticeship is the way they go, we even have several graduates of CSOT and PGS continuing there training through Taogart to get a journeyman's certificate, they get 2 years credit towards the 4 year apprenticeship than at the end they get there journeyman's certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor.
Just remember to treat smithing as a business not a hobby and you can make a very good living, I would also advise you look at specializing in one or two disciplines of the trade, cowboy action shooting is going real good right now and so is long range rifle building.
Good luck, I never got up in the morning in over 35 yr's and didn't want to go to work.
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