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Steyr M95 sporter!?

I looked at an interesting M95 yesterday. It was a sporter with a 3/4 length stock, checkered (Ok quality with some overruns) with a monte carlo comb, dual set triggers, bent bolt, full length solid rib with a 2 leaf flip up sight, chambered in 8X56R. A very nice handling rifle. The owner imported it from Canada about 20 years ago.

Does anybody know if Steyr factory built sporters on the M95 straight puu action? Or can this only be a "sporterized" military rifle. The only markings on it are a serial number begining with "P" and followed by 4 digits stamped on the side of the barrel just in front of the front receiver ring.

Oh, and what a sweet handling thing it was, even with the mannlicher magazine protruding from the bottom of the action! I really wanted to take it home since I already reload for the 8X56R in a Steyr M95 Stutzen.

But anyway, anybody know if Steyr built sporter M95s?

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