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I'm abandoning this question/experiment because this topic seems to attract an extraordinary amount of raw feelings towards me. Rather than simply answering the question I've asked, some of you (really only one of you) feel the need to be condescending. If there was something wrong with my question, then just don't answer it, very simple. Feel free to talk s*&t to me about how my ideas suck if you have nothing better to do, I won't be checking back in.

Thank you all who didn't just answer my question with another question

Peace be with all of you.

seems to me meek was answerign your question with valid points.

first thing dictators do is disarm the populace, then "reducate" children about the evils of guns etc. then blame all social ills on one group of citizenry and kills them off. our forefathers saw this and realized that in order to keep the government in check the populace of america needed to be well armed. we are here to check the government and keep them in balance. kind of the same concept as the 3 branches of government to keep each other in check and balance.
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