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The Nagant was a standard sidearm in the Soviet army almost through the Second World War. It is unique in the way it loads a round. The cylinder goes forward sealing the cartridge in the chamber.This increase the pressure although why that is a good thing in a wheel gun I don't know. The ammo is Nagant specific, is still made(Hotshot brand) and costs about a buck a shot. They are all over the internet for about 70 bucks. The FEG is a PP copy in .32ACP. I don't think it was ever actually used in the military. It was a police sidearm. The ammo is fairly cheap and easy to get. They can be had for around 129 in most places. FEG made three pistols, all PP copies, in .32, .380 and 9X18. The .380 is solid steel the others are combinations of steel and alloy. Hope this was of some use to you.
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