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Google is awesome. Did a quick search and found this:

LYNX-6 7x29

These are brand new shipped in original factory heavy black vinyl carrying cases. Lynx-6 features 7x power with an illuminated rangefinding reticle, and is ready for use on Tigr/SVD, AK and Saiga/Vepr rifles. An incredible value, this rifle scope can be used in daylight without the need for illumination, or the reticle can be operated in low light or at night, with standard watch style batteries. This optic is supplied direct from the factory with the correct side mounting bracket that will attach to all types of Russian designed small arms, and has the ability to adjust on it's rings to provide the exact eye relief on any variation of receiver or stock configuration. Bracket is fully adjustable and centers the scope over the centerline of the bore. Lynx-6 is equipped with target style reticle adjusting turrets and a 1,100 meter rangefinder of the horizontal design.

More searching revealed a few other possibilities, but it looks like it is in the Lynx series of scopes. I know nothing about them besides what the search turned up, but it's a start for you. Found some for sale for about $100. By the picture, maybe need 2x LR44 batteries?


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