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Thank you!
As far as dry firing is concerned, the owner of the range isn't that keen - to put it mildly - that we do this repeatedly. Can't imagine why, but I won't discuss with someone who at this stage is THE knowledgeable reference point.

As far as breathing is concerned - I'm trying to let the shot go at the apex of my inhalation. I am trying to squeeze the trigger sweetly as I inhale so that I am at maximum pull at the same time as my lungs get at full cycle. So far it's working about half the times. What I've noticed is that when it happens, the finger is very light on the trigger and the second shot can take off very easily as soon as I let the barrel return to the proper position. It's the sort of sweet-spot I'm aiming for (no pun intended).

I do think that a great part of the problem might be the way I'm looking through the sights. Many seem to agree that the best approach would be an eye patch - but I'd rather be able to sight with both eyes open...

Keep them coming and thanks again!

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