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Yes really! And our forefathers when they wrote the Constitution, thats spelled out in black and white, never thought that it would be manipulated either did they. If they could see things now! Our whole Constitution has been manipulated from time to time. Does it register to you the history of the fight thats been going on with our 2nd Amend. and some of the backdoor tactics the anti`s have used on the Amend. and other past legislation to further their cause. You expect me to take what is written in this bill at face value and believe that politicians won`t use the grey areasand manipulate them for their own agenda`s gun related or not. Ha! Go ahead and believe that if you want. History has shown me different and with the group thats in there now, IMO we`ll see manipulation of alot of legislation before its over with. As I said, IF THE ANTI-GUN SOCIETY HISTORY HOLDS TRUE, there will be some political moron manipulate it if given a chance. 'Creative' and 'careful' of what can happen are two different things. If your theory of " Prognostication " is correct then none of us should be ccw`ing for self defense cause its only "in the stars" that something could happen. We carry cause of the possibility that something can happen . I worry about grey areas in all legislation for the possibilities of what can and has happened. Lastly, not trying to create conspiracy or any other kind of theories. My point in the first post I was trying to make was that if the anti`s can take any grey area of this bill,manipulate it now or in the future, they will and thats something that concerns me and should you as well. Hope I`m proven to be wrong and this bill is never manipulated in any way. For now I`ll just agree to dissagree with your line of thought. P.S. Hope to see you at the march, Spring of 2010.

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