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Sounds like more practice, practice, practice. It took me almost a year to understand the technique require to properly release the hammer without moving the front sight post/end of the barrel. Not sure what your experience is, but here are a few tips that I followed:

1. Proper grip. There are a couple of good videos on this site, but I don't know where they are. One of a retired LE that demonstrates the proper technique with a 1911. You also need to put the correct amount of finger on the trigger.

2. Focus on the sites/alignment. The target will be a blurr. It takes alot of practice (with the same weapon) to get a consistent site picture. I make my best groups when I only focus on the sites when the hammer falls.

3. The most important breakthrough for me was learning not to pull the trigger, or squeeze the trigger, but rather, slowly apply enough pressure to the front face of the trigger to cause it to break (release the hammer). Most (single action) triggers will break at 4-6 lbs and release the hammer. I call it hammer release instead of trigger pull. I gave up anticipation of the explosion and let the hammer fall whenever I reached the pressure necessary to release it. Once I learned trigger pressure, I was also able to discern creep very easily. Speed has been coming to me slowly over many thousands of rounds. I am able to apply trigger pressure, faster, while maintaining really nice shot groups.

4. Control wobble by breath control and rythm.

Dry fire practice is good, because you maintain constant focus on site alignment, and since there is no recoil, you can see if the front site post moves when you release the hammer. Any tiny movement at all is unacceptable since the slightest movement will equal inches at the point of impact.

It really turns out to be a thinking man's game combined with muscle discipline/memory, and lots of (correct) repetition.

That's the way I see it anyway...
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