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Some things seem to stay the same

I found this thread about 2 months ago when I started having problems with WB. But, I'm patient so I let things go until now.

I bought several "In Stock" items from Bill at the Dulles Expo gun show in November of 2008. One of the items, a double magazine pouch is the issue. He had one out which I tried and liked so when I told him I wanted it he grabbed another off his rack. When I got home I took it out and saw that one of the snaps was broken. I thought about going back to the show but it was close to closing. So I called the number on his card, left a message for him. Never heard back.

About two weeks later I called again and spoke to a guy who said they had a problem with the snap vendor to send it back they would replace it. I did.

A month later I called and they said they received damaged one back it would ship out "the next week". I am reading this is a common response. January came and magazine pouch. Left several messages, emails, no response.

I give people the benefit of the doubt. You have to show me you are not trustworthy. So probably going to be out $60 plus shipping. But, I am still going to contact the gun show and let them know of my experience.
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