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Mike Irwin
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"Not trying to create a thing..."

Oh really?

"before things are done and if the anti-gun political society history holds true, there will be some political moron try to use his/her interpretation of something in it to manipulate our 2nd amendment rights. Bound to happen."

That's called creation -- creating the spectre of what MIGHT happen.

As I said, worry about what's in the bill that just passed, NOT what you think might happen days, months, or years down the road.

Prognostication is best left to Jimmy the Greek and Jean Dixon.

Around here it tends to turn into the screaming mimi of all conspiracy theories.

"Made my point for me."

In order for someone to make a point for you, you have to have a point to begin with.

Running around in circles and screaming fire at the top of your lungs isn't making a point.

As I said.

There's plenty of complete and total crap in the stimulus bill. Concentrate on that, and give the crystal ball back to Mesmerino.
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