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Help - Shooting consistently left... grrr

Hello group.
I'm learning how to shoot properly - i.e. beyond being able to load and pop a round every now and then.
I am right handed, wear glasses, am shooting with both eyes open.
My shooting stance is with my left foot forward, both feet parallel.
Two hand grip, left thumb overlapping.
So far shot appx 300 rounds of 9mm on a rented SIG226 - the gun which I would eventually want to purchase if and when I improve my shooting skills.

My main issue is that I am shooting consistently to the left, at around 10-11 o'clock. As much as I turn my stance ever so slightly to the right, and aim slightly to the right - I end up in that same twilight zone...
After 50 rounds @ 30' I had ripped away a 5" hole in the target alway slightly higher and to the left of dead center. I'd say 60% of my rounds fell in that same area.
At 80' range too I am consistently to the left side of the target (but with a wide scatter).

This is very frustrating. I don't feel I'm making any progress, despite doing the trigger sqqquuueeeezzze, despite being relaxed, despite finally "feeling" my right eye working on the front sight...

Maybe I'm expecting too much from myself. Maybe I should train with a light caliber gun. Maybe I should wear a patch on my left eye - but then again I wouldn't be training for a real-world situation (and no, I can't squint my left eye...).

Any input will be greatly appreciated. I will gladly owe you one, but you'll need to come over to Switzerland to enjoy it ...

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