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Mike Irwin
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Lets not be confused. Although there may not be something written outright about restricting guns/ammo in this legislation, before things are done and if the anti-gun political society history holds true, there will be some political moron try to use his/her interpretation of something in it to manipulate our 2nd amendment rights. Bound to happen.

Yes, but that's really not to the point now, is it?

Let's face it, someone in Congress could well use interpretations of existing laws to declare white males illegal residents and have us shipped off to some other local...


How about we worry about what is right in front in of us right in black and white right now, and let's not try to create a billion and one screamingly paranoid "OMG THEY'RE GOING TO DO THIS BY INTERPRETING THAT IN SUCH A MANNER THAT......!!!!!!!!!!!"

It doesn't do anyone any good, and in fact tends to make people look bad...
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