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You think the 308 will go through my wall into my neighbors house?
It's easily possible, particularly if both of your houses are regular wood construction and have wood or vinyl sidings. Brick or concrete construction may mitigate the risk, but it's still there.

.308 Winchester has a LOT of energy. I've seen it punch holes in 1/4" metal plates using standard 150 grain lead and copper hunting rounds. Don't underestimate it.

By the way what do you mean by de-cockin the gun? you mean pulling the trigger after locking the bolt?
Yes. Unless your gun has an external hammer or a Mosin-Nagant style safety, pulling the trigger is pretty much the only way to de-cock the gun and release the spring that drives the firing pin. This is the case with the Remington 700. Many pistols have de-cocking levers, but I've never seen one in a rifle.
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