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Tell me, how do the checks and balances protect us from tyranny in a day when all three branches of the federal government are controlled by people who don't support our Constitution and are willing to do anything to bring about Euro-style Socialism in America?

If you don't understand the natural rights of man and why the threat of revolution is required to keep governments in-line, you should really study the whole of human history quite a bit more.

Edit: Let me clarify; I have no delusions of being involved in any massive revolution overtaking the federal government. It's not a winnable battle in the present time. But the bearing of military-style arms gives me the choice that if I cannot live free I can die trying. I don't have any notion of taking out government thugs and escaping into the woods like Rambo, but when they come for me, unarmed I can be manhandled and made a subject; armed they can take only my life, not my freedom. There's no grand hope in my mind of anyone ever undoing the evil that has infested modern society; but in my heart I can be certain that at least I will die a free man, can you?

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