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Pietta 1862 Colt New York Met Police, .36

I never see any mention of these.

Mine's a nice revolver, crisp, light, accurate. Six shot, while historically I think they were really 5. I also think the Pietta is a little too large for an accurate reproduction

I see none for sale, and I never see anyone that has one besides me. Did they just never sell? Apparently. I had wondered about a conversion cylinder, but now I know that I would rather buy an 1860 Army in .44 and not concern myself with conversion cylinders. If I want one like that, I'll buy an Uberti Schofeild

I have a 1911A1, a wartime P.38, a Walther P22 and an M1 rifle...I think this .36 revolver is my favorite, bizarrely. It was my first firearm, too

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