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Hi Vergeltung

Here's an incredibly easy, quick, and cheap way to re-size your photos (they are so big I didn't even bother looking, to be honest, until I saved one and then resized it)

You'll be using software that is often completely overlooked on any Windows based PC- "Paint". And it's already installed on your PC

Go to the photo you want.

Right click on the icon

Select "open with....Paint"

Once the photo is opened in paint:

You'll see a list of headers across the top of the window. One will be "Image". Click it

Select "Resize/Skew". On older WIN installs it may be "Stretch/Skew"

You will see an option window open

Change the X and Y feilds of your image. This will change the percentage of the photo size for the X and Y directions. You'll want to change them both equally for 99.9999% of anything you do.

Save the resized photo with a new name

I reduced one of your photos to 45%, with this result:

Beautiful Mausers

Hope this helps,

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