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I've been wanting to pick up a Martini artillery or cavalry carbine in .303 British for a long time, but the prices are very high. When I first saw the SOG ad a couple of years ago I jumped right in & ordered one. I can only say I was VERY disapointed in what I got. I am convinced it was NOT a british-made rifle, it had no markings on it to indicate such except some very crudely applied ones with a date that didn't quite jibe. The barrel looked to be completely the wrong profile for the rifle, & the wood was teak, or something similar, definately not something you'd see on a british military rifle. The rifle was also missing some parts. I contacted SOG & told them I'd be returning it for a refund, which they were happy enough to do.
About nine months later, I was away at a shooting competition, & one of the guys there brings out his SOG .303 Martini that he'd just bought & it was almost identical in fit & finish to the one I'd sent back. Those are the only two I've seen, but I'd be wary of ordering another. I know the SOG ad states they are british-made rifles, but I have SERIOUS doubts, they look like reblued Afghan or Pakistani knock-offs to me.
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