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If this is a takedown model, you will note that the barrel is held to the receiver by interrupted threads. The barrel has two 90* sectors with threads that correspond to a similar arrangement in the receiver. Thus, turning the barrel - magazine assembly 90* will allow it to be pulled free from the receiver.

Takedown of Model '97

As this joint wore in use, a provision was made to take up looseness on the receiver. The interrupted threads in the receiver were not cut directly in the receiver metal, but into a adjusting sleeve that fit into the receiver. This bushing could be rotated by loosening a screw that held down a saw-toothed part (adjusting sleeve lock) that engaged similar teeth on the rim of the sleeve. By this means, the bushing could be turned a notch at a time to tighten up the joint between the barrel and receiver.

'97 parts illustration showing adjusting sleeve (#6) and adjusting sleeve lock (#9)

I have seen '97s where they are at the end of this adjustment and cannot have any more wear accommodated in the threads. If your '97 is at the end of the adjustment range you can either find a larger adjusting sleeve or shim the joint (Brownell's sells the shims 100-000-629). The shims are only for 12ga. If you have a 16ga things get more difficult as parts availability is even worse than for the 12 ga guns.

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