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Need to ID this Scope: Please Help

Well folks,

I am now the proud owner of a slightly used Saiga .308 rifle.

It came with, among other things, a scope mount and "illuminated" scope that are both covered in Cyrillic writing, which I cannot decipher.

The scope itself appears to have its optics intact, but the "lighting" system is giving me trouble.

First off, the illumination appears to be nothing more than a red LED that is casting its light on the etched markings within the glass lens of the optic.

The problem is, that when I slapped in a battery to the small cylindrical compartment, I got a very feeble light that is all but invisible in anything by complete dark. Even in complete dark, it is very dim and difficult to see.

I currently have (5) 3volt button cell lithium batteries producing what I estimate to be 15 volts to the unit.

The 5 batteries fill the compartment which is roughly the size of 1/3rd of a AAA cell battery.

I have opened both the switch up and the point at which the LED enters the inside of the scope. (I.e. I removed the small cap that secured the actual led to the underside of the scope and pulled the LED out to inspect it).

I have compared similar LEDs of similar size to the output of the diode in this optic and notice a similar, week output.

Also, the switch does have one resistor labeled "100" in it.

Here are the pictures:


I am posting this to solicit advise on the following:

1. Does anyone know the model name of this scope?

2. Does anyone have a suggestion for the correct power supply?

3. If you do have a power supply suggestion, where can I purchase the battery?

So far, 5 button style 3v batteries is not cutting it.

Thanks a lot!

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