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Suggestion: have the database remember visited threads

The forum as it's configured right now doesn't seem to properly remember which threads have been visited.

As it happens, it's possible to have the database store information about what threads have been read, and this makes the overall browsing experience much more pleasant, because it becomes immediately obvious which threads have new activity that you haven't seen yet (and which threads you haven't visited at all).

According to the page of the manual that covers it (which I'm viewing here:, there are two settings:
  1. Thread/Forum Read Marking Type
  2. Database Read Marking Limit

To have the database store info on what threads have been read, the first needs to be set either to "Database (no automatic forum marking)" or "Database (automatic forum marking)", and the second needs to be set to the number of days to retain that information.

Anyway, if the forum configuration isn't already set to remember this in the database (as, it seems, it isn't), would it be possible for it to be set up that way? It would be of great help to me and, I'm sure, quite a lot of others. I'd like to request that the retention time be set to at least 10 days.

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