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Mark Milton,

It doesn't matter because the .40 Short and Wimpy has no stopping power...

In my town not so long ago some doofus shot himself in the leg and drove himself to the hospital and walked in and asked for treatment....

You gonna risk your life on that round?

Trade it off on a .45 or a 9 or 10 mm....

If you ever have to use it for self defense, you will be glad you did....
I can only suppose that you are intentionally starting a flame war here. If not, that has to be about the most uninformed opinion ever given on this forum. I.e. Stupid!

There is a very good reason that LE departments and other government agencies have flocked to the .40 S/W since its introduction... It works as well as or better than competing calibers. With the capability of holding nearly as many rounds as a 9mm and muzzle energy exceeding most .45 ACP rounds, it's no wonder that it does so well with LEOs.

You may want to read REAL facts and statistics before rendering boneheaded advice in the future. It might help get some of that egg off your face.

.40 Facts online: (Final Sentence: The .40 S&W could well become the epitome of defensive handgun cartridges.) (Ayoob says: Most other departments have gone to more powerful rounds. The .40 S&W caliber is the overwhelming top choice of police departments today, followed by the .357 SIG and the .45.)

Reading is fundamental!
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